Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do We Ever?

Can we ever get to the point where we are 100% satisfied or does 80-20 always rule? Meaning that I will only ever get 80% of the things that I want out of life. 80% is a lot. Is wanting the whole enchilada just being greedy?

I mean there are so many positive things going on right now. I feel fantastic more than 80% of the time. I think I’m probably bordering on 95%. But there is part of me that is still longing, still searching.

What is that about? How do we learn to just be satisfied with all the positive stuff and live our lives? I don’t dwell on the things I don’t have but every now and then they creep in.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This was once categorized as my favorite holiday. I would plan for weeks, cook for days and spend the day with my man and my family and just be thankful. This year I’m not even cooking. Well, not a full meal. I’m making a dish and some dessert and spending the day with friends. I appreciate the invitation and I’m sure it’ll be fun but it kinda makes me sad.

Things don’t always turn out how we plan. I understand and accept that. Wishing I had made better choices in my past doesn’t help matters. I know there’s a greater purpose and I have to be patient while it unfolds. All too often I find myself asking, “How much longer, Lord? How much longer?”


TJ said...

I have had moments when I've decided to be content and thankful, but is thankful satisfied? Is content satisfied? I mean it's peaceful. Hmmm.

Newy said...

I used to focus on what went WRONG instead of what went right. Then the recession hit. It hit alot of my friends hard. Instead of complaining about a task at my job, I was grateful to have one and for the opportunity to grow. Instead of complaining about something my husband did, I was grateful to have someone to share my life with. Instead of focusing on losing my mom, I was grateful that I knew she had 6 months so I could make the most of our time. The bottom line is, instead of trying to change my situation, I changed my outlook on the situation at hand. Someone once told me life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of your reaction to what has happened.

I asked God to help me go through the storm instead of trying to find ways around it.