Friday, November 4, 2011


I want to run this 8k in March.

In 2011 I ran three 5k races. One in June, one in July and one in August. Each time I ran for a specific time and each time I missed the mark. I decided that I wouldn't run competitively anymore because I just put too much pressure on myself. It was exhausting.

So in order to run this race, I really have to change my mindset. I want to run this race because I want to prove to myself that I can do it. I can't be concerned with the numbers on the clock. I want to finish and I want to run the entire way. That was my goal for the first 5k ... I wanted to prove that I could do it the first time. After that I just wanted to beat my time.

I haven't registered for the race yet but I probably will after the weekend. I'm scheduled to run five miles on Sunday. I'll see how I feel after that and then I'll make a firm decision.

I so enjoy running. Even outside. Even in the lower temperatures. Who knew? Of course, it's only November. We'll see how I react to the lower temperatures in January.

Anyway, so what do you think? Should I register and run the Towne Bank 8k in March?


Anonymous said...

Yes, register & run, but don't stress & keep the mindset that you do when you aren't in a race. Enjoy it!


Tee Reese said...

As a former track and field athlete, being competitive is simply became a way of life. Meaning, we set goals and it is the journey that makes it all worth it, no matter the outcome. Enjoy the journey, the ups and downs that comes with it. It'll give you an appreciation that you've put forth an effort that most are willing or able to.

Go for it!