Friday, November 18, 2011


It's been a good week. It was so filled with activities that I didn't make time to run all week long. I'll be back on the trails this weekend. And I ate like I was losing my mind: cheese steak, cupcakes, buffalo wings. Ugh. I know that no exercise + bad diet = me feeling guilty for about a week. Once you hop on the bad diet train it's hard to get off.

The cold weather doesn't help matters either. In the lower temperatures all I want is hot, comfort food, not cold salads.

I do plan to ramp up my workout schedule beginning on Thanksgiving and ending on New Year's Eve. That means working out everyday.

I went back to the orthopedist today for a follow-up appointment regarding my shoulder. I stopped taking the pain meds two days ago and for the most part, I'm fine. I still wake up with some soreness but as the day goes on it dissipates. The doctor has no idea why this happens and was sure to let me know that it is a recurring condition. Oh joy!

I have been tasked to make four sweet potato pies and a seafood casserole to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. And a couple bottles of wine. This will be the easiest Thanksgiving ever.

I have been slammed at work so I'm really looking forward to the upcoming short week.

Enjoy your weekend!

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TJ said...

I want comfort food in the cold, too. There's something about that warm, soft, not a vegetable in sight (except potatoes) cooking. LOL.