Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Year in Review - 2011 Discoveries

I wanted to do a really cool end-of-the-year post, but I’m not really cool. Nor do I have the time to sit and think of something really creative. So, I’m just going to sit here and see what leaves my mind and flows through the fingers.

2011 was a good year. It had its ups and downs but I feel like I learned so much. Here a few of the lessons:

I do quite well on my own - This has been the longest period of time that I have ever been single and I have discovered that being single is not equivalent to a death sentence.

It’s actually okay to be friends with my children - It wasn’t the plan but it’s turned out that way and I have discovered that I live with two of the coolest people on the planet.

I really can’t control everything all the time - Why did I ever want to? Letting go and learning acceptance has given me an awesome amount of peace.

I’m a runner - Who knew? 4-5ks in six months. I love love love it. But I guess you knew that.

Life does go on after devastating loss - After my father’s funeral I couldn’t believe that the sun still came up. I’d see people washing windows or walking their dogs or shopping and I just wanted to scream, “Don’t you know that my father is dead?!” I thought everything should stop, but it didn’t.

I can control my emotions - Thank God. Literally. This was huge for me. All my life I’ve made decisions based on my emotions. Major life decisions. Crazy, I tell you. Not anymore. I’m calm. I’m peaceful. I’m smarter.

I can be content while I’m waiting for the “next thing” - I am content. I am not anxious for anything. I feel very strongly that God is working something out for me and when He is ready to reveal it, I’ll be ready to receive it. But until then … I’m good.

What have you learned in 2011? What are you looking forward to for 2012?

My prayer for you is that you will have peace in all that you do. Merry Christmas!

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