Monday, January 23, 2012

The Dinner Dilemma

I know how to cook for three people. What I don’t know how to do is cook for two people and make it feed three people.

Two weeks ago I made steaks for dinner. One for me and one for the Princess. I gave up a long time ago depending on the Prince to join us because he almost never does. Well, as luck would have it, he was in for the night and gave me the side-eye because I told him I only bought two steaks.

“Why did you only buy two steaks?” he asked

“Because you’re never here.”

We went back and forth on that issue for a while as he was trying to convince me that he’s been home a lot more lately.

Anyway, fast forward to last week when I bought three steaks.

He walks in the door and I let him know that I made him a steak and he proceeds to inform me that “he’s not really into red meat anymore”.

“Huh? Then why did you give me a hard time last week because I didn’t make you a steak?”

“That was last week. I’ve decided to lay off the red meat.”

To top it off, the Princess barely touched her dinner.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked as I looked at her plate.

“Ma, you make steak every week and I’m growing tired of it.”

That was enough for me. I am so over trying to plan meals for those two. They can eat hot dogs and cereal for all I care.

I usually try to make a nice Sunday dinner. Last night I cooked with ME in mind: I sautéed onions, green pepper and asparagus in some olive oil; added some diced tomatoes and served it with chicken breast. It was delicious. He wasn’t home and she took a chicken breast and fried it for herself.

Everyone was happy. Especially me.


Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY hiw you feel....the youngest always eats he's working at his college cafeteria so he will never eat at home...
The oldest is never home....I'm learning to cook for ONE...Tired of wasting food....

dee in san diego

bayoucreole said...

Whoop! There it is!
I had the same problem in my house. I was racking my brain trying to figure out who likes what, who will be home to eat, etc. One day, I had just had enough. I fix what I want to eat. If they eat...fine. If not...fine.
I'm very happy

Diva (in Demand) said...

I don't have any kids but I feel you on eating what makes you happy. I went to the grocery store and bought a big bag of frozen veggies and I pour enough out to fill up a bowl and thaw em in the microwave til they're hot and eat....dinner done. LOL

BluJewel said...

And there it is. I've been going through a similar dilema and unless I'm specifically asked to cook something; I cook solely for myself. Lil Lady can cook, so she'll not starve.