Friday, February 3, 2012

TGIF - Superbowl Edition

What's good everybody?

So glad it's Friday and I am so ready for the weekend. There's not much planned really. I'll be working out, and doing my hair and watching the Superbowl

I am not a football fan. I've never been a football fan but for whatever reason I do watch the Superbowl every year. Not just the commercials. Not just the last half. I watch the game. Weird, huh?

My Dad was a huge a football fan. A huge sports fan really but he really loved his Giants and the UCONN girls basketball team. I remember when we were kids and he would be in the living room watching the Giants, every so often you'd hear him screaming, "You dirty guys!" That was the funniest thing on the planet to me. The only time I ever really remember my father raising his voice was when he was watching football.

So I'll watch the game this year, in my Dad's NY Giants t-shirt and cheer for them the way I know he would.

Go Giants!

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Blu Jewel said...

And he was smiling down on you and saying "that's my girl"