Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Warning: Unpopular Opinion Ahead

You know what really grinds my gears?

I work. I work hard and have always worked hard.

So it gets under my skin when I read stories about people (read: women) who fight tooth and nail during a divorce to get money that they themselves did not work for.

How about, “Get a job.”

Are there exceptions? Certainly.

If the husband insists that his wife doesn’t work and she agrees; if they divorce, he should pay a reasonable amount of spousal support.

If the husband makes the majority of his money while the couple was married; if they divorce, the wife should be entitled to a percentage of marital assets according to the laws of the state in which they were married.

In cases where there is infidelity on the husband’s part … because I’m a woman I have to make allowances for pain and suffering. Elin Nordergren and Vanessa Bryant got over like fat rats and I ain’t mad at ‘em.

But if you sign a pre-nup which says you will get thus and so, just take thus and so and shut up. And what about Heather Mills trying to cash in on Beatles money? That’s just downright greedy and wrong. I’m watching this whole Pilar Sanders thing unfold and I wonder where she lost her dignity. She signed a pre-nup. Move out of that man’s house and put together a plan for your future without Deion.

Do you think that during a big money divorce, the wife is entitled to half of what the man is worth?


TJ said...

Well in the state where I got married and the state where I currently reside, all assets get split down the middle. I've known of women who came out ahead because of this, but I've also known women who ended up paying spousal support.

Diva (in Demand) said...

A part of me says that the wife should get her fair share because she held down the home life which enabled the husband to focus on making money ie. Juanita Jordan. But I'm not sure half is a fair share either.

Now if you signed a prenup then take what you signed up for and letitgo. If I work overtime I do it with the knowledge that they are still only going to pay me so much every two weeks. Same thing.