Friday, February 10, 2012


Today marks the end of a huge project that I’ve been working on since the summer. I am so glad it’s over, you just don’t know. It’s also an anniversary of sorts so I’ve decided to really treat myself this weekend. I know I talk about treating myself often and how important it is, but I don’t actually do it as much as I’d like. Most of my weekends are spent running, doing my hair, going to church and making a meal. Besides going to church, the rest of those things are chores. Chores that I love to do, but chores nonetheless. This weekend I’m going to throw some real treats into the mix.

So in addition to running ten miles and spending four hours on my hair, here's what's on tap:

I need some new accessories so I’m going shoe shopping (wait, are shoes considered an accessory?) and a girlfriend of mine designs jewelry so I’m going to pick up a few pairs of earrings from her. I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought a new pair of shoes. I’m so excited! I'm thinking a really sexy heel. I think I may need a new suit as well ...

I also haven’t written a restaurant review since October. I’ve gone out to eat but I haven’t been anywhere new. So I think I’ll treat myself to a nice lunch or dinner after shopping.

Denzel has a new movie coming out this weekend and it looks like it’s worth seeing. Isn't Denzel always worth seeing? So a matinee may be in order.

I’ve also decided to give myself Monday off.

I’m going to have a great weekend and I hope you do too. Remember to do something special for yourself or for someone that you love.


BluJewel said...

OMG! Chele I so wanna give you a HUGE hug right now for this post. I having been giving this a lot of thought and as I type my comment, I'm engaged in a text conversation with a friend and this is the topic. I do not WANT; I NEED to do something for myself because it's more than apparent that NOONE is going to do it for me.

Money is tight, but I am going to do something for myself where money isn't an issue. I'm tired of making excuses and/or being neglected/overlooked.

Thanks, have a great weekend and enjoy your day off.

bayoucreole said...

Good for you!Treat yourself big time and don't you dare feel guilty about one iota of it!
Have a great weekend! I have to work this weekend but next weekend I plan on hanging out at all of the big parades and tapping into the inner kid in me!

TJ said...

I know I'm late, but I'm all for treats!!!