Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Note to my 18-Year Old Self

If I could go back 30 years and have a chat with this young lady, here are some of the things I would tell her:

You are going to make mistakes. You are going to make plenty of mistakes. Don’t allow that to stop you from picking yourself up and continuing to move forward.

Everything that looks good on the outside will not always be beneficial to you. Dig deeper.

Don’t ever be afraid to say, “I deserve better”.

Stop putting so much emphasis on your looks. You’ve got a pretty face, so what? Looks fade and if you don’t have the intelligence to go along with it, you will be lost.

Be smarter with your money, girl.

A man is not a plan.

It’s not vain to value yourself.

You have so many good times ahead of you. Cherish them. Be grateful. Don’t mistake delays for denials. It will work out but you have got to see beyond today. Know that you’re best days are ahead of you.

**What would you say to your 18-year old self?**

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Newy said...

Slow down. You have your whole life to be mom. Enjoy being a young lady.

It's ok to just date. You don't have to be in a relationship and don't let anyone pressure you for sex.

Spend time with your mom. Soak up her advice, you are going to need it.

Everything that looks good to you is not good for you.

Trust your instincts.

Get a relationship with God. You are going ot need it.