Sunday, April 15, 2012

I don’t often make plans for Sunday or accept invitations. Sunday is my day. I purposely go to church service on Saturday evening so I can have Sunday to myself. My day of rest. Five or so years ago my Sundays consisted of going to church, coming home and laying on the couch to watch Lifetime movies, eat potato chips and drink Sobe. These days, Lifetime is a last resort, you couldn’t pay me to drink a Sobe and the only chips I eat are pita chips.

Today I woke up without the alarm clock. I ran 5.34 miles. Came home showered and shampooed and while I was deep conditioning I washed my car. Afterward, I finished my hair and took my Business 100 book out to the patio and read two chapters and took some mental notes for the paper that’s due in about 10 days. I also managed to have a fabulous salad for lunch, put in a load of laundry and put together this post.
It’s a good day.

My life has changed so much. My priorities have changed. The things that I once thought were important are no longer important. Two years ago I was crying on my sofa trying to figure out how I was ever going to move beyond my latest failed relationship. Today, well today I have no idea how I could fit a relationship into my schedule. Which is a good thing. For now anyway.

I have a phrase on my corkboard that says, “changing your life is a journey”. It reminds me that nothing happens overnight. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts. Life is a marathon not a sprint. We are constantly preparing for the next thing. I’m no longer anxious about arriving at a specific destination because the trip itself is so much fun.

How was your Sunday?


Diva (in Demand) said...

I'm not sure about the trip itself being so much fun but I definitely needed that journey message today!

Newy said...

What an awesome message about change...Reflections are awesome.

LadyLee said...

One of my favorite quotes. "Completing the journey is not the most important thing. The thousand things you learn along the way to the completion of the journery are what's really important."

Your post reminded me of this. And thank you for that.

BluJewel said...

A inspirational post Chele! I'm in a transitional point in my life and instead of trying to plan my next step/move, I simply asked God to order my steps and His will be done. I've found all too often when I start "taking control"; I end up losing control, so now I just fall back and see what comes next. It's not a complacent attitude; it's one that keeps my life in better perspective and allows me to truly live and appreciate what's/whom is with me and what's around me.

I'm enjoying the slower version of me and the marathon is far more pleasing than the sprint.

ShellyShell said...

What a good message!
My Sunday consisted of running my First half marathon. It was a great accomplishment!