Friday, July 13, 2012


Working in a corporate environment you often hear certain phrases tossed around on a regular basis:

                   Let’s take this off line.

                   Do you have the bandwith to take this on?

                   This is right in our swim lane.

                    Let me find out and I'll circle back with you.

One of my favorites is the line about too many “chiefs” and not enough “Indians” referring to the fact that everyone wants to be the boss. I, for one, don’t mind being an Indian. Too many leaders make my head hurt because they all seem to have different agendas and work solely to fulfill those agendas. In my opinion, the thing that most leaders don’t get is that in order to lead people you have to be willing to serve people. Good leaders are good servants.

Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you?

Good leaders are called to their positions and don’t have to fight tooth and nail to get a position.

All of this came to mind because I’ve been asked to lead some group runs with BGR! and also to lead the teaching for my weekly life group. In both situations I was not seeking any type of “promotion”. I was asked and I accepted.

The run leader for BGR! basically just organizes the group, guides the newcomers, makes sure everyone is accounted for afterward and ensures that no one is left behind. I led a group this morning at 5:30 and I’m doing another one tomorrow morning at 7:00. Nothing major but I think it’s pretty cool.

Teaching for my life group carries a little more responsibility. I have to develop a series to teach, prepare weekly lessons and lead the discussion. My group is made up of mature Christians so I’m pretty confident that the lessons will be interactive and I won’t be pressured to present a lecture.

It makes me feel good that someone thought enough of me to suggest that I step into these roles. I guess my time in the shadows is quickly coming to a close. I’m fascinated by the timing. So many things are falling into place now that my nest is about to be empty.

I won’t argue with God’s timing.

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