Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Randoms

Signs of my daughter growing up:  Earlier today my lovely daughter broke two of my red wine glasses.  Over the years that girl has broken so many things in this house I lost count:  the dishwasher door, the ceiling fan in her bedroom, her closet door, every single lamp that I put in her bedroom, etc..  I figured my wine glasses were the last hurrah before she moves out.  When she came home from shopping she shows me these:

She replaced the broken glasses without being asked to.  I'm speechless.

It was a good Sunday.  I started with a 3-mile run, washed and deep conditioned my hair, did my nails, did some reading for my English class and wrote a short paper and did some reading for my Business Ethics Class. 

There were no good movies on today and that bugged me.

I did a lot of thinking about the third date.  We went to dinner on Friday.  Lovely. 

I am days away from booking my birthday trip to the Windy City.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

1 comment:

TJ said...

That's so great that she replaced them on her own. You got a lot done on Sunday.