Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not Knowing

My daughter is leaving in less than a month and I hate not knowing how her absence is really going to affect me.


Eric Payne said...

I imagine it will be tough at first, as it was for my mother when I left home. Tougher than she ever imagined. But then as time wore on things got easier. Try not to fret over the isn't here yet.

TJ said...

One one hand, it's awesome that you have given her what she needs to be successful and independent, but it's a transition.

Newy said...

It's going to be a transition. I can admit I missed them alot at first. I still have my moments but I love putting things down and they are right where I left them when I come home lol. Transitions...*sigh* By the way...I miss you Chele...I have been running like a banshee but trying to catch up with my blog buddies!