Monday, August 27, 2012

Painters and Food Comas

It's Monday morning and all is good in the world.  The painters arrived half hour earlier than expected and let me know that the job would be done in less time than I expected.  I was told it would take three days but when the guys showed up, they assured me they could knock it out in a day and a half.  Nice.

Now all I have to worry about is the decoration part.  I really, really wish I had someone who could just swoop in and do this for me.  This is not exactly my forte.  Oh well.

I ate myself into a food coma yesterday.  I've got to work on my self-discipline.  Check out my review of the place I went to for brunch.  Yummy!

I really think I'm heading toward two more As this quarter.  I was feeling kind of shaky in the beginning but I'm feeling much more confident now.  I revised two papers over the weekend and submitted them both.  Yay me.

So I haven't spoken to the guy since our awkward moment.  That kind of has me baffled.  Why stop speaking?  I mean, can't we still be friends?  Guess not.  I could call him but honestly, I'm not that pressed.  It is what it is.

Looks like this could be a pretty light week for me and I am so grateful.  Long weekend coming up and the Princess says she'll be home this weekend.  Life is definitely good, ya'll.

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Tarsha! said...

Are we going to see some before and after pictures? are you on Pinterest? They will provide TONS of decorating ideas