Friday, August 31, 2012

Should I?

I’m playing with the idea of training for a half marathon.

I still can’t see myself doing it though and for me, visualizing it is the first step to accomplishing it. The idea has been running through my mind lately because I’m at the point where I need something to shoot for. I need a goal. Everything I’ve set out to do is pretty much done. Unless I’m working toward something, I feel unsettled and I suppose that can be a good thing. My regular running schedule which is about 3-4 times a week, just about 3 miles each time is getting boring. But a half marathon? 13.1 miles? I just checked the registration page for the Shamrock (March 17) and the race fee is $85 through September 30th, then it goes up to $95. For real, if I register for this race and pay my money – that’s it, I’m locked in. And if I’m going to do this thing, it’s not enough that I just finish. I’ll have to finish in less than three hours, preferably 2 hours and 45 minutes. That means winter training. I think I’m slowly beginning to talk myself out of it. I think I’ll put some miles in this weekend and then make a decision. I need a challenge.  This was me crossing the finish line at the Shamrock 8k earlier this year.  I finished in less than 53 minutes.  I was so excited that day.  Can you imagine how I'll feel after completing 13.1? 


Diva (in Demand) said...

I'm doing a half marathon in November chica....GO FOR IT!

LadyLee said...

I think you should do it, man! I'll sponsor you if that'll boost your courage! Sho will!

*throws glitter and dollar bills at you*

Tarsha! said...

DO IT!!!!!

ShellyShell said...

Do it! I did my first one back in April. It was challenging and rewarding. Do make sure you get the map route and know the terrain. My race was very hilly so it was super hard.