Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are You Ready?

You know me.  I am not a football fan and have never been one.  But this year is different.  Last year I watched my Daddy's team win the Superbowl and now for some reason ... this year I feel compelled to watch his team for him all season.  I downloaded their schedule and I plan to watch as many games as possible.

First game is tonight against the Cowboys.

Go Giants!


LadyLee said...

I have been waiting for football season, for the sake of fantasy football! That is all! But i am glad u can now root for your father's team :)

ShellyShell said...

I love football! I'm indifferent on tonight's game. I live in NYC but I'm a San Fran fan!

Diva (in Demand) said...

As a die hard Cowboys fan I'm always excited about football. Enjoy the season!

Reggie said...

I'm a Steelers fan, but I have nothing but respect for your Giants.