Tuesday, March 19, 2013

15 Weeks Out

In January I really believed that 2013 was going to be my year to just chill.  I needed the break after all the activity last year.  So why am I now in the middle of preparing for one of the biggest events in my life? 


“What has she gone and done this time?”  You may be asking.  Well, I’ve committed to compete in my first (and maybe only) figure competition.

Because I can.

I’ve been pumping and sweating in the gym since October 27th and I want it all to mean something.  It all started as a way to change my lifestyle to a healthier one but now it has turned into something else entirely.  I’m actually working toward something and pushing myself harder than I thought possible.  I never imagined I’d be in the gym seven days a week allowing people that don’t know me as well as my family to yell at me.  Well, they don’t really “yell” as much as they aggressively encourage. 
I love it.

It’s exciting to learn new things about myself and to share that knowledge with others.  My son, for example, who was the fast food king, is now buying groceries, eating clean, going to the gym and managing his calories.  It’s awesome to see.

The figure competition is 15 weeks away and it seems all I can focus on is my nutrition and my workouts.  Am I getting enough calories? Am I doing enough cardio?  When are my legs going to look more defined?  Before I decided to actually compete I was struggling with wondering if I was maybe too old to do something like this.  I got over that … hell no, I’m not too old.  My son saw an example of a bikini that I’ll have to wear for the show and he said, “I’m not sure how I feel about that.” 
I told him he had three whole months to get comfortable with it.

This is going to be huge.  I have never done anything like this before and I may never do it again.  Who knows?  But I plan to enjoy every single step of this process up to the day that I step on that stage.

Wish me luck!


LadyLee said...

*slaps knee* Hot damn, Chele!

I think it's absolutely WONDERFUL!

Go head on girl! You do that!!

Tarsha! (www.SouthernGirlCitySwirl.com) said...

You better werk Chele!!! I, too, think it's fantastic!!

TJ said...

The best of luck, Chele!!! I know you won't need it :)

Sasha said...

How exciting!!! I was wondering where you been since New Year's Eve. This explains it.