Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Again I say, "What's Next?"

So here I am, less than 5 weeks away from my first figure competition.  I’ve done the training.  I’ve done the dieting.  I’ve got the suit and accessories and I’m ready for it to be done so I can move on to the next thing.
Not sure what the next thing is though.  I constantly dip my pinky toe into different things but I don’t stick with any of them.  Remember when I fashioned myself as a writer?  Singer?  Food critic?  Book critic?  Runner? 

Geez, I seem a little flighty.  But I’m not.  I would however, just like to find something that really makes my heart sing.  Something that will be “my thing”.  You know what I mean?  
I still like to write, just not books.  I still enjoy singing, just not in bars.  I love love love writing about my favorite restaurants but I’ve changed my diet so I have to find new favorite restaurants that fit my lifestyle.  I still love reading, but who has the time?  And I still run, but it’s not the main focus of my fitness regimen.  I love lifting weights and watching how my body responds but come on, that’s only like an hour a day.

I keep thinking I need a break from everything but that doesn’t seem to always work out.  I intended for 2013 to be my quiet year.  So how did I end up competing in a figure competition?  **shrugs** 

I’m going to take the week of July 4th to really analyze what I plan to do next.  I just want to take the next year and finish my degree and make some concrete plans to further my professional life.  This quarter I’m only taking one class and this summer I plan to take two CLEP tests.  Gym time took the place of study time. 

I’m happiest when I’m working on myself.  There is always room for improvement which is why I went back to school, which is why I threw myself into strength training.  I just want to be a better version of myself.  I’m just not certain what that looks like yet.



LadyLee said...

wow man...

It has always seem to me that you are a culmination of all these things. You are and never will be a one dimensional woman.

And that's a good thing.

I personally think you should run for president of the United States. I'm just saying!


I know you will find something that provides that long-lasting spark of fire that we are all searching for. Yes ma'am you will :)

LadyLee said...

Meant to say "You are NOT and will never be a one dimensional woman."

Sasha said...

I'm an old reader of yours. I haven't read your blog in about two months. I'm back though. Can't wait to hear the details of your competition in a few weeks.

Remnants of U said...

If you didn't try each of these things how would you ever know that it doesn't make your heart sing? I admire your commitment, and that you try new things.