Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Finish Line

Only 10 more days and I will enjoy a glass of wine, a slice of pizza and maybe a cannoli for dessert. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s only 10 days. I’ve been doing this since April with a small break in July, I can certainly last another 10 days. Then sometimes I tell myself, it’s only 10 days and one little slice of pizza is not going to derail all your training. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay focused. I feel like a hamster running on one of those wheels – just constantly going and my world is made up of lifting weights, cardio, chicken breast, oatmeal, egg whites, sweet potatoes, water and making sure I get enough sleep. Nothing else. I’m tired and cranky and anxious. When that horrid voice tries to convince me to veer off track I think about running a race. Whenever I ran a race and I would turn the last corner and see the finish line, I wouldn’t slow down. The finish line energized me and my daughter’s voice comes ringing through loud and clear, “Finish strong!” 

So, here I am rounding that corner and I can see the finish line … I will not have a slice of pizza. 10 more days and I will finish strong.

                                                                                                July 2011

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