Friday, October 4, 2013

So Long Old Friend

Yesterday I said good bye to my 24-bottle wine rack:

I bought it a year ago when I thought I was some kind of collector of wine.  Yeah, not so much.  I never did fill the thing up.  I came close during contest prep because I had  a wine club membership and I wasn’t drinking.  But then logic took over and I couldn’t justify spending $30 a month for two bottles of wine that I wasn’t even going to drink.  So I cancelled the membership and to be honest, I’m not drinking as much wine as I used to.

Don’t misunderstand – I still enjoy a glass every now and then but I think this smaller rack that my son gave me for Christmas is more my speed these days.

It holds eight bottles of my everyday (not quite) selections.  

And this is the very first wine rack that started it all which was a gift from my sister

It holds three bottles and I’ve designated it for the bottles that I save for special occasions.

I’ve had the one in the middle for a year – bought it last year for my birthday.  Maybe I’ll open it this year on my birthday.

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