Friday, November 15, 2013

This Week's Highs and Lows

  •         Short week because of the holiday
  •          Sharing a “family dinner” with the members of my Life Group
  •          Meeting with someone, (who in 2 years would be considered a “client”, but today is a friend) to provide guidance related to nutrition and exercise
  •          Preparing for my mom’s Thanksgiving visit
  •          Witnessing my daughter handle an adverse situation with grace and maturity
  •          Although I don’t enjoy my current job, being called upon to cover for my boss at a leadership meeting still feels pretty good
  •          I registered for the 2014 Happy Black Woman Retreat.  Hawaii here I come!
  •          The after work latte at Café Moka – best happy hour in town.  While I was there I noticed that I was surrounded by several different groups of young people (late teens, early 20s) studying the Bible.

  •          My baby was in a car accident.  Thank God no one was hurt.  Her car is in the shop being repaired and it was just more of a hassle than anything else.
  •          Realizing all the unexpected expenses that have occurred over the last few months have thrown me off track financially.  Time to buckle down.
Life is filled with ups and downs.  I'm just grateful that my highs always outweigh the lows.

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