Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 2 - 31 Day Reset

Today’s assignment is to take an honest assessment of seven specific areas of my life: 

Lifestyle, Work, Education, Finances, Health, Family, Relationships

The idea is to identify what I like and dislike about each area.  Here goes:

Like:    I love where I live and I always feel at peace in my environment. 
Dislike: My social circle is essentially non-existent.  I spend a great deal of my leisure time alone, which isn’t always a bad thing but sometimes I’d like to have an “ace” to hang out with.

            Like:  Flexible schedule, benefits, compensation
            Dislike:  Office politics, it’s not my passion, lack of autonomy, boring

            Like:  I’m comfortable with the education that I’ve attained, both formal and informal.  My lack of a degree hasn’t held me back professionally.
            Dislike: Part of me still feels like I should have a degree but I don’t want to pursue it if it’s not going to advance me professionally.

            Like:  I’m financially stable, bills are paid and I’m free to spend as I please
            Dislike:  My “cushion” isn’t large enough.  Still working on paying myself first

            Like:  I’m healthy, fit and strong.  I very rarely get sick
            Dislike:  I can’t seem to conquer my anemia

            Like:  I have really good relationships with my children.  I appreciate the fact that we can talk and they feel comfortable coming to me when they have an issue – in their own time.
            Dislike:  The fact that my siblings live so far away and we almost never see each other

            Like:  The few friendships that I do have are really good ones

            Dislike:  No romantic relationship currently.  

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Wanda said...

How do you do this 31 Day Reset? I mean where does it come from? Sounds like something that I could really benefit from.