Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 1 - 31 Day Reset

Today  is the first day of the 31 Day Reset

I’ve decided to do the reset for several reasons:

  • To get a clearer picture of my future path
  • To analyze 2013 and map out 2014
  • To spend some real quality time with myself during the television fast 
  • Adopt positive, healthy lifestyle changes

I have a plan for my life and I know that people often say that God laughs when we make plans.  I don’t doubt that the plan that I see in my mind’s eye will look completely different by this time next year – but I have to start somewhere.   In fact, I believe that my plan is smaller than what God actually has in store for me.

I’ll be blogging most of the exercises over the next 31 days.  Some may be too personal for this space and I’ll limit those exercises to my notebook.

Today I have to choose a personal mantra.  My mantra for the next 31 days and probably for the next year is:  

What I believe becomes my truth  

I believe that my 2014 transition will be successful – better than I imagined it would be.  That is my truth.

Today I also have to choose a theme song.  My song is Alicia Keys Sure Looks Good to Me.  

My favorite line in the song is:  Don’t rain on my parade; life’s too short to waste one day; I’m gonna risk it all – the freedom to fall yes it sure looks good to me

I've never been a real risk taker.  Now is the time for me to step out and do what makes me happy, not necessarily what is expected of me.  

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