Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I stole this idea for a blog post from THIS BLOG and I thought it was a clever way to concisely explain (almost) everything that is currently going on with me ...

ENJOYING- the fact that summer is finally here.  This past winter was excruciating and I’m enjoying the heat and everything that goes with it:  longer days, shorts, sandals and driving with the top down!

LOVING-  having both my kids in the house.  It’s weird – I enjoy the solitude that I have when they are out doing their own thing but I love the peace I feel knowing that they are safe under my roof.

FEELING- completely content with where I am in my life.  I know that God has a plan for me and I’m excited to know that everything is falling into place exactly as it should. 

READING -  Nothing.  For the first time in a long time I don’t have something that I’m currently reading.  I just ordered a hard copy of the poem “We Speak Your Names” by Pearl Cleage because I felt I needed to own a copy as a reminder after Dr. Angelou’s death.

THINKING ABOUT-  A lot of things but mainly how good it feels to be on my own and totally happy with that.  I’m also thinking about turning 50 this year and what my life is going to look like in 2015.  Exciting things are on the horizon but I have to remind myself not to spend too much time looking ahead or I’ll forget to enjoy right now!  When I visualize it, I see myself in the center of a giant slingshot and I’m about to be flung far away from what my current “normal’ is into something completely different.  Odd, I know.

LISTENING TO-   The India Arie station on Pandora.  I get India, Lauryn, Mary J., Maxwell, Common, Erica Badu…I love this station when I’m working out in the morning.

WATCHING – I just finished watching Season 1 of True Blood again in preparation for the final season which should start in a couple of weeks.  I’m also watching repeats of the Big Bang Theory – don’t ask me why.

COUNTING DOWN- I’m counting down the days until I’m free from the plantation.  Five months down, seven to go!


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Wishing you continued happiness, success, and peace of mind.

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