Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dude, Where's My Car?

Do you pay attention your dreams?  Not the ones that you have when you’re awake but the actual dreams that you dream when you are asleep.  It is my understanding that everyone dreams every single night.  I very rarely remember my dreams and it seems to me, most nights I don’t dream at all.  On the nights that I do, if I remember the dream it will stay with me until I get out of the bed then it just disappears.

What about recurring dreams?  According to Psychology Today,

In general, recurring dreams indicate the presence of an unresolved and persistent conflict in an individual’s life, and the theme or Central Image of the dream provides a stage for this conflict to play out. 

I have a recurring dream.  I dream this dream often – not every night but maybe every few months and it has been going on for a while now – maybe a few years.  It’s not the exact same dream but the theme is the same.  I go to an event at a large venue – a concert hall, a park, a church – and there are a lot of people there.  I’m alone, walking around and see a few people that I know, chat for a while and then when I leave, I discover that my car is gone.  Either I can’t find where I parked it or it has been stolen. 

The car being gone is the recurring part of the dream.  I had this dream again last night and as soon as I woke up I looked up the meaning and this is what I found:

To dream that you forget or can't find where you parked your car indicates that you are dissatisfied or unhappy with an aspect of your waking life. You do not know what you really want to do with your life or where you want to go.  
To dream that your car has been stolen indicates that you are being stripped of your identity.  This may relate to losing your job, a failed relationship, or some situation which has played a significant role in your identity and who you are as a person.

Either interpretation makes sense.  I am dissatisfied with my current employment situation and I’m not sure in what direction I should go.  It’s a little depressing to be in my 50s and not be certain about where I want to go in life.  This dream is bugging me.

I mean, for so many years I did everything I had to do in order to survive.  I thought I finally made it to the point where I was actually living and not just surviving.  Now I feel as though I’m back to survival mode.  It’s frustrating.

I was in this same position last year.  Hating my job and weeks away from submitting my resignation in order to do something that I love.  I took the chance and all year long I have been doing something I love.  I’ve been motivating and helping women to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, there is not a lot of money in motivating and helping people.  There should be though.  I really should have married for money.  I’m joking! #notjoking

Anyway, I read something the other day that made me smile and I thought it would be appropriate to share it here:

I post this here because I really have no idea what lies ahead of me.  I know that God is faithful and has never let me down or allowed me to suffer.  I know that He is working it out for my good.  All I can do at this point is wait to see how He wants to handle this.  

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