Thursday, December 3, 2015

Going Another Way

I woke up this morning to a notification in my inbox of a job opening for a personal trainer/gym manager in my area.  So of course I tweaked my resume, created a cover letter, said a prayer and submitted them.

Prior to that, however, I read my devotional and read this verse in Matthew 2:12:

And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.

The commentary went on to say:  Finding Jesus may mean that your life must take a different direction, one that is responsive and obedient to God’s Word.  Are you willing to be led a different way?

My answer is YES!  If going another way means being led by God, sign me up.  God is leading me a different way right now and I’m excited for the journey.

After that, the day was pretty awesome. My workout included some back training and a 4-mile run and two fitness challenges that I’m involved in:  the thigh challenge and the 12 Days of Fitness – don’t ask.   Then I recorded a few videos for my Ask The Trainer series on You Tube and then my son invited me to hang out.  He received a Christmas bonus and wanted to start his holiday shopping and asked me to join him.

I can’t even express adequately how it makes me feel to know that my adult children still want to be in my presence.  It makes me happy to know that they aren’t looking for every reason in the book to get away from me.  I must have done something right.  I’m grateful for that.

We shopped and had a late lunch and I picked up these t-shirts because I love Biggie and I love Daryl from The Walking Dead.  Is that weird?

Yeah, today was a good day.  

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