Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The $7k Mistake

One lesson I learned over the past year is that there is a significant difference between investing in yourself and simply throwing money at a problem.

Investing in myself requires time and research and a visible return on my investment.   For example, when I hired a personal trainer, purchased my home or bought my home fitness equipment.  These were all instances where I took my time before laying out any cash.  I seem to remember a time when I was really good at discerning what was smart and what wasn’t.

As I worked on building my business and it was becoming obvious that I wasn’t going to turn a profit in the first year I admittedly became desperate.  I was looking for the quick-fix (something I warn my clients against) and I started to believe every claim that was presented to me.

My desperation cost me $7,000.  I foolishly believed that throwing money at the problem would magically solve everything.  I know better.  This was a costly lesson – one I will not make again.

I won’t wallow and I have no regrets.  I wish I had that money back – but I don’t.  I have to move on.  Last week’s sermon (summarized in the last post) is a great way to move forward.  With every decision that comes before me I know that I have to pray, be quiet and wait.  I’m prepared to do that.

I received a call this morning from a positive communications network and they are looking for a personal trainer to take part in a community outreach program – a fitness challenge.  I’m meeting with the point of contact tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to the opportunity but I’m not agreeing to anything without careful consideration.  On its face, it seems like it would be great for exposure and the added benefit of helping people with their fitness.

Stay tuned.

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