Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Starting Over

Starting over is scary as hell.  No matter how much of a brave front that I put on I have to admit that the thought of starting over and changing my routine scares the crap out of me.  

The good news is I don’t allow the fear to stop me from moving forward with what I know needs to be done.

As you know, I left my corporate job in January 2015.  My plan was to start a business and be a full time fitness professional.  Immediately.  That isn’t quite how it worked out.  I worked my business and got my clients and ran through my savings.  I was faced with the reality that new businesses do not make a profit in the first year – or the first several years.  I had to get a job.

After I got out of my feelings and accepted the fact that getting a job does not mean I failed in my attempt at entrepreneurship – it only means that my dream is being delayed.  A delay is not a denial.  After all, I am still working as a fitness professional.   Things don’t look like I thought that they would and that’s okay. 

I am currently wearing several hats in the fitness industry:  personal trainer, group exercise instructor, fitness specialist, Y-Change Coach, business owner and virtual coach. 

Today I interviewed for another position at the Y as a Manager on Duty (MOD) which basically means that I am the go-to person when issues arise.  I got the job and I start training tomorrow.  Additionally, the person that I interviewed with said that I was also being considered for a position as an AOA (Active Older Adults) Coordinator.

It didn’t turn out how I thought it would but because I didn’t fear starting over, I see it turning out better.  I will have a successful career as a fitness professional.  This is my second act.  My encore.

In the corporate world I was making very close to six figures and had reached a very high level in that profession.  In 2015 I started back at the very beginning.  That is scary as hell.  Having to prove myself again and work my way up.  It would have been easier to stay where I was and be comfortable.  It would have been easier but definitely not as satisfying.

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