Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day

Man – 23 years ago this weekend I left Connecticut and came to Virginia.  I packed up my stuff, my son and followed my very young husband to another state.

About a year later I gave birth to my daughter and had a nervous breakdown.

During the seven years that followed I left my job with a real estate appraiser and began my career in government contracting, I moved twice, my car was stolen twice and I got divorced. 

In the years that followed I bought a house, changed jobs several times, started and ended one serious relationship, watched both my children graduate high school and start college, left my career in government contracting and started a career in fitness.

I’ve done quite a bit over the last 23 years and it’s not over yet.  I’m exhausted, surprisingly satisfied and extremely happy to live someplace where I have the freedom to do so much.

I tried to find a photo of myself from 23 years ago.  I couldn't.  Just as well.

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