Monday, August 15, 2016

Making the best of Unfortunate Situations

It’s Monday again and it’s hot as hell again.  I’m not complaining, just making an observation.  As long as I have A/C I’m fine.  I prefer 97 degrees to 37 degrees.  Before I know it the summer of 2016 will be a memory.

In 4 months my youngest will be a college graduate.  I know everyone says this but, seriously, where has the time gone?  She’s been home all summer working her butt off and saving her money preparing for her final semester of college which is basically doing her student teaching.  I’m so proud of her.  I never would have imagined 22 years ago that we would have the relationship that we have today.  It’s a blessing and while I would never advocate single parenting it seems to have worked for us.  It hasn’t been easy for either one of us but we made the best of an unfortunate situation and succeeded. 

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