Monday, September 26, 2016

T Minus 6

After a week of emailing and a month and a half of telephone conversations we are finally going to meet.  It’s funny that I would use the word “finally” since one of the first things I told him was that he would have to be very patient with me.  I have not grown impatient but I do believe that it is time.  This form of getting to know each other has been eye opening.  I’m not distracted by the tall, dark and handsome and at this point tall, dark and handsome doesn’t even matter.  I’m really getting a chance to ask questions and get to know who he is and he gets to do the same.  At times, it feels somewhat one-sided because I have a relatively large social media presence and with a little bit of searching he can find me quite easily – and he did.  I had to remind him, however, that whatever he has discovered about me represents me on a professional level – not personally.  There is still so much more for him to learn and that is where these months of conversations have helped.

Having these conversations does build anticipation but it also gives us an opportunity to decide if we even want to meet.  I want to move forward.  During this time, I’ve been able to speak freely and not put on a front about who I am.  I’m hopeful that he has done the same thing.  At this stage, if we determine that it’s not right we haven’t lost anything.  Usually, on a first date or encounter with someone we tend to send our best representative of ourselves instead of our real selves.  For some reason, we believe that if we show someone who we really are too soon than they won’t like us – so we are on our very best behavior in order to make a good impression.  I’m all for making a good impression but it has to be sincere.  You can’t show up like Cinderella pretending to be a princess when you’re actually a maid.  It’s dishonest and even though it worked out for Cinderella (my) life is not a fairy tale.

In six days we will lay eyes on each other for the first time.  

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MsJonz said...

When a person has the opportunity to get to know you for whom you are at least they get to meet the real you from the start. Best wishes to you on your 1st date. :-)