Sunday, December 18, 2016

Top 5 of 2016 + 1

The year is almost over and I am desperately seeking employment.  Even though I may not be finishing the year on a high note in the employment department (there's still time ... fingers crossed!), 2016 has had its high points.  Spotlight moments.  Defining moments.

Emptying my nest (Feb) – In February my oldest moved out of my house and moved in with his girlfriend in another state.  My daughter was already away at school 90 minutes away and not visiting that often so when the Prince left the nest was officially empty.  I compensated by buying a cat.  Both my kids thought that I would be sad or lonely when they left and I believe they were slightly disappointed when I didn’t crumble into a pile of tears but if I’m being honest – I was ready and it was time.  I love my kids more than I love myself but I raised them to be independent people and watching them begin their lives on their own means I succeeded. 

The Princess Graduates (Dec) – College graduation!  When my daughter started her freshman year at college I was filled with all kinds of emotions.  I remembered when my mom dropped me off on campus and every detail of the shenanigans that I got into on that first night…I was terrified for my daughter.  Before I left her there I held her face and through tears I begged her, “Just be smarter than me!”  She was and is much smarter than me.  Both sides of her family gathered for the occasion: both grandmothers, her grandfather and step-grandmother, her older brother, one younger sister, one older sister, her father and me.  It was an amazing day.  We were all together and I don’t anticipate that will happen again until she decides to get married – but on this day, we were all there for one reason: to celebrate the Princess.  There was no drama, no tension and no memories of the past.  We celebrated the Princess but I had a little private celebration of my own that day because I proved that I could be in the presence of my ex-husband all day long and not feel any anger or animosity.  Everything was peace.

The Prince meets his biological father (Sep) – After 25 years the Prince is reunited with his biological father, my first ex-husband.  Thanks to all the technological advances in the 21st century my ex was able to track us down (not that we were hiding) and request a meeting.  The Prince graciously agreed and I sprang into action and put all the pieces into place so these two men could meet.  The ex’s family was overjoyed to meet the Prince (as they should be) and welcomed him into their family without hesitation.  Over the years, I know that the Prince has felt incomplete because he didn’t know that part of his family.  This meeting really helped him to get closure.  I’d like to think that the meeting was the first of many but I’m beginning to think it was the first and only and maybe that’s okay.  As the Queen, I felt it was my responsibility to facilitate the first meeting now the rest is up to them.  I do count this as a victory for me though because I was able to be in the presence of my 1st ex-husband for an entire weekend without any feelings of anger or animosity.  Everything was peace.

Hats for the Homeless (Dec) - 2016 was a tough year for me and I've always believed that one way to take your mind off your own troubles is to focus on doing something for someone else.  So I challenged myself to crochet 100 hats and donate them to the Union Mission in Norfolk.  At first it was going to be something that I did quietly then I realized that other people would probably enjoy the opportunity to give back as well so I asked and YOU responded with donations of cash and yarn.  Donating those hats was definitely a highlight of my year.

Making the decision to date (Aug) – At some point during the year I decided that I had been single for long enough.  The time had come for me to start dating again.  I don’t remember the precise moment when I decided but I knew that it took some time for me to get over the fear of allowing another man into my life.  The uncertainty, the drama, the search, the small talk … none of it was appealing to me but I realized that if I was going to move forward than I had to accept the fact that these things were just part of the process.  If I wanted to find love, then I had to take a risk.  I took the risk and  it was scary at first but soon the fear subsided and I found what I was looking for.

Meeting Him (Oct)  

I'm looking forward to saying hello to 2017.  I'm looking forward to starting a new job, cheering on my daughter as she begins her teaching career, traveling and exploring the possibilities of love. It is going to be a great year.

What are your Top 5?


Audra Upchurch, Taking Care of Business said...

Reading your blog made me smile. I'm so very happy for you Michele!

Vaughnchette Rudisill said...

Great Year of GROWTH and STRETCH for you! Well done! A Queen focused on ensuring a healthy Inside creates a world of wonder all around her.