Thursday, June 29, 2017

Things I’ll Never Apologize For (aka #notsorry)

I’m not sure exactly when it happened but it seems like these days everyone is apologizing for something.  Don't get me wrong, being able to sincerely apologize is a noble quality to have.  It took me many years to admit that I was wrong about anything and apologize.  I think the hardest thing for me was having to apologize to my kids … for whatever.  I figured, I was the parent and even if I’m wrong I’m still not going to apologize.  I got over that.  If you’re wrong say you’re wrong.

What bugs me is the barrage of bullshit apologies that flood the airwaves.  Especially from public figures.  They do whatever the heck they want to do and then come back and give a half-ass apology.  Please go take a seat somewhere.  You knew that mess was wrong when you did it.  Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, Billy Bush, Ryan Lochte and the list goes on.  Just stop it.  I hope John McEnroe never apologizes to Serena.  Why should he?  He meant it, she doesn’t care and everyone knows the truth: he is completely irrelevant and trying to snag just one more headline. 

I’m over all the insincerity.  I’m not perfect and when I’m wrong I will definitely apologize.  I apologized just a few hours ago because I didn’t save my receipts from a business trip.  The apology was accepted and we’re moving on.  Here are a few things that I will never apologize for: 

1.     Being a strong woman.  If my strength intimidates you or if you mistake it for anger that is on you.  Not me.  #notsorry

2.     Turning down your invitation to do whatever it is you got going on.  Look, I am at an age where I know that I can say “no” and let it be a complete sentence.  I don’t go to everything.  In fact, it takes a lot to get me out of my happy place (i.e. my house).  #notsorry

3.     Exercising in a sports bra.  Get over it.  Yes, I’m in my 50s but I need to be comfortable.  It’s not even about showing off, it’s about comfort.  Yes, my stomach is flat.  And?  #notsorry

4.     Bragging on my children.  Those two humans are my greatest accomplishment.  I was not a good wife.  I’m an okay daughter.  I’m a pretty good friend and I think my siblings just tolerate me most of the time.  But I can say without exaggeration I am an awesome mother.  My kids are the proof and they would say the same thing.  Ask them.  #notsorry

5.     Liking ratchet music.  I don’t like all the ratchet music but I may or may not know all the words to Chris Brown’s “Loyal” and Puffy’s “Shake Ya Tailfeather” and blast them in my house and dance until I’m sweating.  #notsorry

6.     Being honest.  I am not brutally honest.  Lord knows there is enough brutality in this world without me adding to it.  But if you ask me, I’m going to tell you.  #notsorry

7.     Boycotting chain restaurants and Moscato.  Hey, I like what I like.  There are too many locally owned restaurants where I live and Moscato is NOT wine. #notsorry

8.     For not getting all gushy over your baby/pregnancy.  Seriously, I can be happy for you without faking the funk.  Babies just don’t do it for me.  I’m not coming to the shower.  I have no desire to hold your baby.  I’m sure he/she is adorable but you can miss me with that.  #notsorry

9.     For being vocal at the movies.  Not all through the movie.  Don’t be ridiculous but if there is an awesome fight scene or cool explosions, I will probably react. That’s the point. #notsorry

10. Dating younger men.  I almost left this one off the list because I really did try to stop.  But the few older guys that I went out with reminded me of my Dad and they were only in their late 50s or early 60s.  I don’t want to date my Dad. My ex was eight years younger than me and I won’t do that again but I think 4 or 5 years younger is acceptable.  #notsorry

What are you #notsorry for?


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Newy said...

My list is a lot like yours. At 47 I have finally gotten comfortable with me and won't give a bullshit apologize to make a personal feel better. #notsorrry for doing what I enjoy
#notsorry for not being someone's personal ATM
#notsorry for wanting peace in my life at the expense of EXCLUDING certain folks

LadyLee said...

I'm not sorry for losing my patience with superficial relationships/friendships. No room for them in my life. Nope. #notsorry

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