Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hitting the Beach

In a few weeks, I’ll be on vacation for a week with my daughter.  The last time we went on vacation was 5 years ago and she had a miserable time.  I forced myself to have a good time because I paid for it and I wasn’t about to let the turned-up face of a teenager spoil my good time. 
2012 - Cruise to Bahamas
This time around, I invited her on the vacation and suggested that she invite some of her friends so she can hang out with people her own age. She thought about it for a while and came back to me and said that she’d like this trip to be just us.


She’s no longer a teenager.  She’s an adult with adult responsibilities and she’s handling her business.  I’m proud of her and I’m really looking forward to this vacation with her.  It makes me feel good that she actually wants to hang out with me. 

We’re going to the beach.  Which is funny because I live at the beach.  To be clear, we’re not stay-cationing.  We’re leaving the state to visit another beach.  Anyway, I’m doing some research now to find things for us to do in addition to lying on the beach.

So far, I’ve come up with wine tasting, visiting a sculpture garden and wildlife preserve, and I’m planning on getting another tattoo.   Of course, there will be shopping, fine dining, etc.  What else?  Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Before I detoured into the world of self-employment I made it a point to take a significant trip every year.  Usually for my birthday.  I would take weekend trips to Virginia wineries.  I spent a long weekend in Chicago.  I went to Hawaii, Vegas, Orlando, Nags Head and a beautiful spa in North Carolina.






It’s been a long time (at least it feels like it) since I’ve done something like this and I am going to enjoy every single second of it.  Somewhere along the line I got away from doing stuff.  I forgot that life was meant to be experienced.  I will not forget that again.

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