Friday, May 18, 2018

Thoughts on a Friday

·        I love Amazon.  2-day free shipping, music, movies, television.  I needed burner covers for my stove. Normally, I would trek over to Tar-jay or Wallyworld and walk up and down aisles.  Now I just log on, push a few buttons and in 2 days (usually 1 day) I’ll have my purchase.

·        I’m in baby-blanket-making mode.  Babies are coming and I’m making blankets. 

·        Apparently, my grandchild is now the size of a strawberry.  I can’t wait until December!

·        I’ve lost 3lbs in 18 days.

·        I do not miss bread.

·        There was another school shooting today.  This time in TX.  I’m so tired of this.

·        There are times when I’m driving a route that I drive every single day, that for a split second I’m not sure where I am.  What is that about?  I have my suspicions but I’m not claiming anything.

·        My next race is on July 4th.

·        I’m enjoying my yoga classes even though I feel so ungraceful trying to do the poses

·        I’m still waiting for the price of the plane tickets to California to drop before I purchase

·        My enjoyment of running is increasing while my enjoyment of weight lifting is decreasing.  Currently, I’m only lifting weights twice a week, running three times a week and doing yoga once a week.


Have a great weekend

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