Monday, January 28, 2008

Here's The Jump Off

I began this novel on May 27th 2006.
Pages: 135
Words: 27,090

Today, on January 28th my alarm went off at 5:30:

Me: God, please pull me up out of this bed so I can start writing again!
Me: God, please don't let me fall back to sleep
Me: God?
God: Your life is going to be so much better one year from now if you will just take this one step.

I got out of bed.
I took a shower.
I made a pot of coffee.
I sat down at the keyboard and completed three pages.

Very small victories.

If you are a writer, you know that the writing is not the problem. The writing is the easy part. The real hard work begins after I type THE END.

query letters
book signings
book reviews


This is not for the squeamish, but there is absolutely no reason why I can't do this...again. I promised a plan and I'm still working on it. But I don't want to get hung up on the plan and keep myself from moving forward. In the short term I have to think about a book cover design and finding an editor. If I am consistent and recapture the attitude of self-discipline that I once had I could conceivably have a first draft completed before the end of the summer.


Diva (in Demand) said...

GET IT BIG SIS!!!!! You're my motivation!

Blah Blah Blah said...

Just the thought of you doing what I want to do...makes me proud because I don't think I could.

I'm def going to be checking on you.

This is great!

LadyLee said...

Good deal, Oldgirl!!

Right now, I am in writing classes, and I stay in writing classes. I'm doing that because it forces me to write and edit. I KNOW I have to have material ready to turn in for critique purposes, and it helps me SO much.

Now if I can only get motivated to be consistent. WOW.

And the plan. I'm finding it good to have a very loose plan, nothing outrageous. It's rough when you gotta work everyday. you know how that go.

But I know you can do it, girl...

One thing that gets me going, something I read last year.

"You don't get in the mood to write, you write to get in the mood."

So true.

Sharon said...

Do the damn thing Chele!
I know you can...
I know you can...
I know you can

Blu Jewel said...

You're driven and you're going to make your dream come true.

CapCity said...

THIS is inspirational! thanx!!!!