Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's Wednesday and the third day in a row that me and 5:30 a.m. have greeted each other.

Got up
Read Proverbs 4
Took a shower
Made a pot of coffe
Sat down at the keyboard and wrote until 6:30 when I had to start getting ready for work.

I'm up to 140 pages.

Again, small victories and I know 3 days does not make a habit ... but I'm working on it and it feels good. I was reminded today by a friend that when I wrote the first book I would get up at 4:00 a.m. and write until 6:00. Yeah ... I was a little younger then ... maybe I'll work toward that.

I'll probably start to post updates regularly on Saturday morning. But today's post is about running.

I'm a runner. Not an athletic type of runner -- although I did run track in high school. I wasn't a superstar but I had a good time and I looked really good in the shorts.

No, I'm talking about those of us who make it a habit of running from situations that feel too intense to deal with at the moment. I'm a runner. I admit it. I run from relationships, I run from jobs ... and of course, I always find a way to rationalize it so it doesn't appear that I'm running. I should win an award for my rationalizations.


Since no one in my life will shake me and say "Stay put!" I'm going to do it myself.

What the hell are you running for? Here's a newsflash for you, girlie: you can't escape by running. You will continue to be faced with these same situations until you deal with them and reach some kind of resolution. You're way too old to be running anyway. Ain't you tired?

Yes, I am tired.

I was contacted by two different headhunters in the past five days. Isn't that funny? I mean, right now the satisfaction level at my current place of employement is quite low, so my rationalization is that the calls from the headhunters must be a sign that it's time to go. I've got issues. Leaving one corporate job to go to another one is not my plan.

I'm staying put. No more running away. The bullshit at work, job hunting, spats with my guy are all unnecessary distractions. Enough already. I've got work to do.


lyre said...

Then again. It might be that helicopter, row boat and plane that the Lord is sending to get you out of bad situations. Whatever, I SUPPORT YOU!

CapCity said...

Go HEAD, Sis! I'm trying to build up running again! I may need u to call me to get me up in the mornin'! LOL! came by way of Sharon's spot:-).

LadyLee said...

One of my personal quotes on my blog, from a 11/08/07 post:

"I can't fully focus on the drive ahead to my destination, if I keep staring in the rear view mirror at what's going on behind me..."

I think we wouldn't "run" so much from situations if we weren't so worried about what happened in the past, i.e., worried about whatever it was that diminished our faith in moving forward and tackling our isshas head on.

I too tend to be a runner... And stopping that running? It's a life-long process. We gotta past these tests, or we will just keep taking them over and over and over...
And passing those tests- that's the only way we AND our faith can grow.

Good post as always, Oldgirl. You know I'm down for the self-assesment.