Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well, We Could Always Discuss Wine

I have nothing to talk about.

I have too much going on in my head and I don't really want to talk about any of it:

My son's graduation ... pending a passing grade on a Chemistry exam

My family coming to town for said graduation

Coming up on the fifth anniversary with my guy ... holy geez

My current job

Freelancing is a submit-wait game

So, let's talk about wine.

Last month I tried something new (for me) called Viognier. My expert called it "Chardonnay's Sexy Sister" ... uh no. Viognier is not awful ... just a little dry for my taste. I bought two bottles to try and after the first sip I knew it wasn't for me. Of course, that did not stop me from finishing the bottle :) I gave the second bottle away.

This month's wine is Riesling. This has to be the total opposite of Viognier because it is more sweet and acidic, and usually classified as a dessert wine. My expert says it's a great wine for picnics because of the relatively low alcohol content and it goes with anything. I like Riesling. I've only tried one and that was because my name was on the bottle and it was a very pretty bottle . I'm such a dork, I know.

Riesling is a major grape grown in New York State (believe it or not!). It is also produced in Washington State, Oregon, California, Austrialia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. It's very popular in Germany and France as well. When looking for a Riesling, reach for those from the northern regions of wine growing countries. Expect to spend between $10 and $25. It pairs well with Asian food so this month's recipies are: Vegetable Sushi Rolls, California Sushi Rolls and Spicy Tuna Sushi Rolls. I love sushi but for real, I'm not making any.

While I was waiting for the end of May I was sipping on a Chardonnay-Riesling blend which I love. I'm looking forward to trying the different Rieslings. You should too.


Bballmom said...

I have not tried a Viognier, but I do love a good Riesling. Not too many of them thouhg because some are just too sweet for my taste.

I will have to look for that Chard/Ries blend. That sounds good.

Have you ever tried a Chardonnay/Semilion? That is SOOOOOOO good.

chele said...

Lindeman's makes the Chard/Ries blend.

I'll have to try the Chard/Semilion. Next month is Chardonnay month!

Aunt Jackie said...

I love Reisling especially with Thai food. There are some really great expensive Reislings and I got hooked for a while.

Aunt Jackie said...

Ice Vine Reisling is what it was. Grapes frozen on the vine...

dammit i'm totally out of wine too and you got me wishing for a glass right now!

Believer 1964 said...

I had a stressful day last month and asked my husband to pick me up some wine on the way home. Problem is I haven't drank wine in so many years. I'm embarrassed and won't even mention what kind. So, I'm glad the main topic is wine. I need to be schooled, just in case!

By the way, you have too much goin' on!

Remnants of U said...

I have had Riesling...I like it, but I thought it was German...Thanks for the lesson. I want to try the blend, because I like Chardonnay too. I should pay attention to the name (vineyard?) of what I drink.

Blah Blah Blah said...

The only white wine I will drink is Ice wine...and that has to be only a certain name.
Other than that I drink nothing but Cabernet Sauvignon. It used to be Merlot but Cabernet to me has more flavor. I always drink a full body. Believe it or not, my fav name is some obscure wine that Dude to my cabin in a fruit backet while I was on my cruise last