Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ten years ago ...
My daughter was almost four years old.
My son was eight.
I was happily married.
I worked in a low-paying job that I really enjoyed.
I rented a townhouse.

Today ...
My daughter is almost fourteen years old.
My son is eighteen.
I'm divorced.
I work in a moderately paying job that could be more enjoyable.
I own my home.

Ten years from now ...
My daughter will be almost twenty-four years old.
My son will be twenty-eight.
I will still be divorced.
I will be working for myself with plans to sell the business and retire.
I will still own a home ... or two.


LadyLee said...

There you go, Oldgirl! I see vision! I see vision!

nikki said...

i want your "ten years from now", especially with the biz.

lyre said...

10 years ago I had 12, 15, 23 year olds. I was married, unhappily and substitute teaching. owned a home plus 2 rentals.

Today the kids are 22, 25, 33. Plus I have a newborn grand! No relationship. Master's degree and career established. Own a home and rent an apt.

10 years from now: 32+spouse, 35+spouse, 43+spouse. 2 ten year old grands plus more. National board certified with career in University. Have a companion. Financially fit and own 2 homes plus a timeshare vacation home. And Still Blogging!


Rose said...

Yours is a good vision but why still being divorced?

Believer 1964 said...

This is so good! I wanted to post mine, but for now will keep it under lock and key. You know, sort of an addendum to my vision board.