Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Date Night

If we don't set aside a night just for us than we would never see each other. Tuesday is the designated night. Why Tuesday? Why not Tuesday? So after work I drove directly to his house in moderate traffic to begin the Tuesday ritual that we have affectionately deemed "date night".

When I arrived he was finishing his last load of laundry; taking clothes out of the dryer and folding them quickly while I listened to Muddy Waters on the CD player. Muddy had his mojo workin' and I bobbed my head and tapped my foot right along with him. I love date night. Once the clothes were put away we head out. I usually hand him the keys and make him drive ... you know because I like being driven around ... but this time I took the wheel. I slowly eased my way onto First Colonial Road, which is no easy feat at 5:30 in the afternoon but I did it and after driving a few short miles I pulled into our favorite spot. It's an open air place with a huge deck that overlooks the Lynnhaven River. As soon as I sat down all the tension of the day disappeared. All the cares and worries that I thought I had meant nothing. It's the air on the water I tell you. It's the air on the water.

We patronize this spot all the time and in the beginning I tried to order a Grey Goose cosmo, but unfortunately, they didn't have Grey Goose so I had to have Absolut. After a few too many hangovers, I decided that when we visit our favorite place I would stick to wine. Absolut is absolutely not for me. So last night I ordered wine and to my surprise, they had the goose. I just shook my head and sipped my chardonnay. After all, I was on the Lynnhaven River and none of it even mattered.

He and I have our best conversations on date night. We talk about our goals and what we're doing to meet them. I always tell him how much I admire him for taking that leap of faith to self-employment and making such a success out of it. He always tells me that he wouldn't have done it without my support. I told him that I know what my problem is ... I have no vision. Oh, I have the board but it doesn't display a vision ... know why? Because I don't have one. When I think about what I want my life to look like, all I can see is me on a chaise ... chilling. That's my vision. He nods his head and looks over my shoulder as yet another boat goes by. And once again he tries to convince me that we should go out on the water. However, my irrational fear of the water prevents that from happening.

Oh how I love date night. After three glasses of wine for me and three grey goose and cranberry's for him it was time to get something to eat. So we left our beautiful view and went to the Dockside. Same river, different deck, different view. One of the benefits of living in Virginia Beach is the rock fish, or striped sea bass as they are also called. We usually order two different meals and share but lately neither one of us can resist the rock. So, after an appetizer of oysters rockerfeller, he ordered grilled rock fish and I ordered mine blackened. This fish, no lie, just melts in your mouth. It has so much flavor I can't even describe it. The first time I tasted it, maybe four years ago, I was just shocked that a piece of fish could be so good. I grew up eating cod and catfish. But once you have rock fish, there is no other fish. There's not a lot of conversation at dinner for obvious reasons, but we manage to get in a few sentences. Of course, after he's had five or so vodka and cranberry's he's prone to being a little talkative ... I'm just drinking water at this point and because he's not really saying anything, I wish he'd just shut up. Not in a mean way, it's just that sometimes it's okay be quiet.

Another date night is coming to a close. He gives me his credit card and he excuses himself. When he gets back he glances at the bill and asks me to put 20% on it and sign his name. We head back to his house with me behind the wheel and the conversation picks up again. This time he's getting nostalgic and a little melancholy. He needs to go to bed and I need to go to the bathroom. I pull up in front of his house and run in for a quick minute. He walks me back out to my car, gives me a quick kiss and I head back across town.

It's just a few hours on a Tuesday night. But I look forward to it every week and I miss it when something comes up and we have to put it off. It is so important for us to spend this time with each other. I love date night.


LadyLee said...

Now THAT was a great date night!

You have vision, hon... I've seen it all throughout this blog. Go look around and you'll see it too.

nikki said...

that's the kind of date night that reminds me there are still great relationships out there. i want me some rock rish!

and i'm with ladylee...maybe it's not that you don't have vision, maybe you don't recognize the vision for what it is.

Serenity3-0 said...

I think date nights are a great idea. I absolutely hate fish, but I may have to try some rockfish now. I see all is well over here and that makes me smile.

TJ said...

Your date night really sounds great. I've never had rockfish, but now I want to try it. :)

Believer 1964 said...

I remember those anticipated date nights -- dinner, gifts, kisses, and laughter. Oh, the memories! Enjoy every minute.