Saturday, July 5, 2008

Young Cynics

I'm getting more romantic with age.

More romantic? That would imply that at one time I was less romantic, which of course is laughable. I've never been described as romantic. On that front, I'm probably a little too masculine. I mean, I can appreciate candlelit dinners and music and all that, but for real, I'd rather just get to the good stuff.

So let's say that I am discovering my romantic side. Last night, upon my suggestion, my beloved and I went to the oceanfront and watched the fireworks. We found a spot on the sand and put down a blanket and watched the show in each other's arms.

As we lay there a young couple (probably not even a couple) walked by in the direction of the boardwalk, away from the show. She said, "I've never liked fireworks, they're kinda pointless." He said, "I know, right."


Why does everything have to have a point? Can't some things just ... be. It was a beautiful night. There was a soft breeze and the skies stayed clear until the show the was over. God held off the storm until after we saw the fireworks. These types of observations are wasted on the youth. The beauty of the evening was completely lost on that young woman. I honestly hope that she slows down and opens her eyes one day before she reaches her forties and looks around and sees all that is beautiful in her world.


lyre said...

I too watched the fireworkd on a moonlit beach. Snuggled up comfortably in my movie blanket. a nice ocean breeze swept over the landsacpe and I relaxed and enjoyed the show and the community spirit of living in America.
Young folk...sigh...just like they like to say 'I dont care' when they really do. I bet they watched and clapped in their hearts.
It just asint cool to show it. lol

Aunt Jackie said...

beauty is wasted on youth...I never understood that until I was no longer the "youth"

Believer 1964 said...

An evening with your lover under fireworks on the beach sounds perfectly romantic!