Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Dumbest Text Ever!

I didn't want to put the Princess on blast but I have to:

Hey mom i have no service so im jus gonna send a text. but i jus wanted to check in wit you. I love you and I will try to call you later. bye 8/16/08 8:53 PM

I love my baby but she really thinks I'm an idiot. How're you sending a text with no service, sistah?

This message came to me on Saturday night. And it revolves around the fact my daughter is resistant to communicate when we are not in each other's presence. She spent the weekend up north with her daddy, she left on Friday and came back on Monday. Because she's not away from me that often I feel better when she calls me if she's away for a few days. She refuses. So to pacify me, she sent this idiotic text.

I responded with "Ok".

The logical side of me says: Loosen the leash! You can't even remember the last time you called your Mama!

The emotional side of me says: Whatever. I'm in my forties and haven't lived with my mama in almost 25 years. K wakes up in my house every daggone day! She could pick up a phone."

When she got home on Monday she gave me a hug and said she missed me. I could have ripped her a new one but chose not to.


nikki said...

you're a good mom...but yeah, she ain't that slick. i'd point out that the next time she text, do it from someone else's phone. otherwise, she's insulting your intelligence.

Bballmom said...

actually, you can send a text when you don't have service or can't make a call.
When we had the earthquake in LA in July, I was in Vegas. I couldn't get through on the phone lines to call my son who was still in LA, but we could text each other no problem.

But, it does sound like the bigest excuse ever, doesn't it?

Diva (in Demand) said...

Coming from the 31 year old GROWN WOMAN whose mother is just like you and actually wants me to call like that.....you're edging on the border with that one Chele.

I still resist and just send my mother text messages so I don't have to listen to the worthless and time consuming whining she tries to dish out.

Yeah I know I sound harsh......I'm just telling you how it goes YEARS later when the leash isn't loosened.

chele said...

Nikki - agreed.

bballmom - that could be true, however, when I don't service, I've tried to text and I'm unable to do anything except call 911. You have to know the princess. she's totally full of it.

Diva -- "worthless and time-consuming whining"? Damn. All I wanted to know was if she was having a good time.

I've decided after this weekend that I'm going to stop bugging her. I'm here when she needs me.

Sharon because it had to be said! said...

Good decision Chele....but I must add/agree with bballmom, she might very well have been without service while still being able to text. This happened to Ryan about a year ago and coincidentally, it was on the exact same day that was the only time he had or would ever break curfew. When I got a hold of him, I wanted to rip him a new one, but the hurt in his eyes let me know that he wasn't lying about not being able to call and the parents of the kid at whose house he was confirmed that cellular phone calls can't typically be placed from their home though most cellular texts can be transmitted. Needless to say I felt like shit after all the accusations I had hurled his way....Just food for thought, and of course you know your Princess but sometimes even when you know them, you can find that sometimes you really don't know them at all. Also, wouldn't it be wonderful to be wrong about this particular thing? ;)

Bballmom said...

girl, I understand. Teenagers will tell you ANYthing. I've got 3 of them. So I do know what you mean. lol

Blu Jewel said...

wanna trade? my lil lady txts me ALL the time when she's not home. i think it's really cute that she'll check in at various points of the day to let me know what's going on. and when she says things like "thanks babycakes" or "mamaboo" it just melts my heart.


Believer 1964 said...

No doubt, there is definite stress on mother-daughter relationships.

I think you being able to reflect on your own past experiences will help you find a better route to communicate while giving her ample room to grow.