Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Caprese or Bruschetta?

Last night was date night and I must say, it was fab-u-lous! I don't write about date night every week because they are not always fab-u-lous.

For example, last week we went to some fru-fru seafood place in Town Center and I hated it. The food was okay, the service was okay, the atmosphere was okay and it was overpriced. We don't mind paying whatever for food ... because we love to eat ... but if everything is "just okay" than the prices should reflect that.

And the week before that, B decided that he would have a long liquid lunch with one of his buddies so when it came time to have date night, he was slurring his words and he ruined it for me. So I took a pass and went on home.

So, it's not always perfect. But last night ... oh last night ... we went here and it was just wonderful. Date night is alive and well in Virginia Beach. We had heard about Eurasia for a while but last night was the first time we had actually gone. The place is small, quaint, cozy, intimate (insert your favorite adjective here) and from the moment we walked in I felt comfortable.

They have a large wine selection but if you prefer to buy a bottle from the adjacent wine shop (at retail), Eurasia will open, present and pour it for you for a $10 corkage fee.

The night did not go off without some confusion. I ordered bruschetta and thought I was eating caprese. "What's the difference?" you may be asking. Or, maybe you are more sophisticated than me and you already know the difference.

This is bruschetta:

and this is caprese:

I got confused because my brushetta wasn't served on giant pieces of bread. The bread was thinly sliced and they added fresh mozzarella and I had to use a knife and fork. So the whole time I thought I was eating caprese. Except it was warm and caprese is served cold.

You don't care do you?

Neither did I because whatever you call it, it was fantastic. And that was just the salad. I ordered grilled scallops with garlic mashers, arugula and a sweet tomato jam ... hoooooney ... I'm trying to tell you. B ordered a BLT steak salad ... which was big enough for a big man. We both had wine ... I had a fume blanc and he had pinot noir.

Everything was perfect. The food, the wine, the atmosphere, the service, the company. Especially the company. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before but the reason we established date night was to ensure that we spent "real" time together. We are both busy and his weekends are almost always tied up with work. It's hard to find the time but I noticed that if we don't spend regular time together I feel lonely and disconnected from him and there is nothing worse than feeling lonely while you're in a relationship. So, date night was born. It's important. It's vital. It's mandatory. Tuesdays are not always perfect. They're not always fab-u-lous but as long as we continue to make the effort than I believe that we won't go wrong.


princessdominique said...

As hungry as I am you'd have to put pictures of food up! It looks delish though. I want date night :)

nikki said...


it really makes me think i could have fabu dates like that :)

Blu Jewel said...

Chele, it sounds like you truly did have a fabulous night and I'm happy for you. I think it's great that you guys take the time to nurture your relationship like that. I look forward to having nights like this in my life.


Believer 1964 said...

There's nothing like when the evening flows and the food is perfect—let the senses indulge.

By the way, I enjoy some garlic mashers too!