Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You Choose

I did not watch the DNC or Mrs. Obama's speech last night.

Are you all gasping in disbelief?

Whatever. I was busy. I came home, made dinner, studied for a few hours, watched some S.ex and the Cit.y on demand and went to bed.

I have not participated in the frenzy that is the "Obama bandwagon". I respect the Senator but unlike many others I don't believe that a Black man's mere presence at 1600 is going to make the lives of my family any better. Making our lives better is our responsibility and no one else's. Which is why I was studying last night. Feel me? I know what's important to me and I will base my decision in November on those facts. Not because I want a brotha in the White House. All I'm saying is that I hope everyone is making an informed decision.


Blu Jewel said...

Don't feel bad because I didn't watch it either; instead saw it on the news this morning, which ironically is not something I typically do. (watch the news)

While I find them intriguing, provocative, articulate, etc., I too need more to inspire me than his skin color.

I do believe in many of the things he's said, but can't help but agree when you said, "I don't believe that a Black man's mere presence at 1600 is going to make the lives of my family any better. Making our lives better is our responsibility and no one else's."

I think we're a community who relies too heavily on what other people say/think we should do instead of doing what's right in our own minds.

Thanks for this post Chele!


nikki said...

thanks, cuz i didn't watch it either. i'm sure folk are probably like "you ain't representing for black folk". i represent every day when i get my ass up and go to work and pay my bills and volunteer and love my family and do what i can in my community. if all it take to 'represent' is to watch a convention on television, our standards have become woefully low.


lyre said...

I didnt watch because i fell asleep, but i do pose the question: how can we be informed if we don't watch or care to listen?

nikki said...

lyre - i read. i prefer that to watching. i want the words naked and absent of the external stuff that would make me interpret them in a way that's not consistent with the intent. for example, michelle obama is a beautiful woman and she's a black woman I really admire. however, i can't allow my admiration for her to color what she's saying.

princessdominique said...

I didn't watch it either. I'm not caught up in the frenzy and the YouTube watching. I have an empire I'm trying to build. That's what's going to free me from the grind not the President.

Blu Jewel said...

@ Nikki...ditto! And that's a very important distinction...we MUST see past the glitz and look for the content.

words without content or action are just words!


Aunt Jackie said...

I watched same as I have almost every other DNC, to see if I could spot the delegates I know on the floor ( I saw my Aunt twice) and to hear what's being spoken, not just by Michelle but by the Dems in general.

Personally I thought she was flawless and I although I love the Obamas, and have supported them since his first run for Senate I am a just a concerned voter at the end of the day, and not a politico by any means.

It is my hopes that perhaps he can be the face of change for us in foreign policy. I come from a long line of Black Republicans and quite frankly I don't like where they are headed with this war.

I don't think it makes someone more or less Black if they do or don't support Obama though.

LadyLee said...

I just had the TV on, that's all. I am neither here or there on this election. As you say here, I am too busy with my life goals and concerns. I'v

I really wish we had a good 5 viable political parties with more choice. I would LOVE that.

It doesn't make one more or less black depending on their feelings for Obama. I'm more concerned whether we are looking at everyone's record for ourselves and making our own choices instead of making choices based on what the media feeds us...

lyre said...

I dont know. Some how Seeing facial expression, sincerity of intent, and inflection in the spoken word makes it so much more meaning ful and genuine. But that is just me.
I dont even see the glitz. it does not phase me.

Anonymous said...

personally, i think one can watch the dnc speeches, and even be excited about them, without necessarily being "caught up in the frenzy," or being on the "Obama bandwagon."

if people just wanted to see a black man in office, they would've rallied around JJ one of the millions of times he ran.

i, for one, am letting go of the cynicism and just enjoying this historic time for what is. i think that's possible to do while still keeping things in perspective on the home front. just my $.02.

Shelia said...

I watched the DNC for the first time. I listened to most of the speeches this past week and wished I could have been in Denver for this historical event. For me it wasn't about being caught up in any type of frenzy. I do respect the fact that everybody did not get into it like others. I normally don't get excited about events either but I recall the stories my elders have told me and know that so many people died for equality and to see some of their blood, sweat and tears manifest into a black man finally getting to this point--I wanted to see it firsthand--not hear commentaries or watch it later on someone's website or blog (because I knew if I waited to do that then I probably wouldn't).