Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Countdown to 44

In 30 days I'll be 44 years old.

I tried to sit here to let that sink in and really determine what that means.


Not a whole lot. Maybe 45 will be my next "big" birthday. I don't think birthdays were ever a really big deal. I never had a birthday party as a child. My high school boyfriend threw me a party when I turned either 16 or 17 ... I can't really remember. I think I hung out with friends on my 21st birthday. I had a mini-meltdown on my 30th birthday. But after that I think with each year I just become more grateful. I'm really happy to be here. Each year I do take the day off on my birthday. This year, I'm taking the week off. The weekend before my birthday my sweetie is taking me on a trip and I can't wait. I love these kinds of getaways ... just the two of us, falling in love again. The inn is close to a winery that we've visited in the past and we plan to visit again. I'm not a huge fan of Virginia wines but last time we were able to find a few good ones so we may get lucky again.

Anyway back to the birthday. I feel really good and I can't even explain why. Wait a minute, yes I can ... NO DRAMA. I have finally realized that my response to certain situations in my life have a direct link to how those situations will be resolved. I have finally realized that getting stressed about things that are beyond my control is crazy. Stress is a killer and I have way too much living to do ... shoot, do you know how many types of wine I still have to sample???

My son is a college student and he has this whole new world in front of him and he's excited. My daughter just started high school and she has this whole new world in front of her and she's excited. Guess what? This is a new chapter for me too ... and I'm excited. My job picked up the tab for me to continue my education and at first I wasn't thrilled about the idea. I wasn't. I didn't think I needed to go back to school. I was totally wrong and I know now that anytime I get the opportunity to learn something new I'm going to jump at it. Finishing this course and getting certified is going to be a real boost when I start my next job search in the very near future.

There is so much going on and I used to get frustrated wondering how I was going to handle it all. But somehow everything gets handled.

I'm blessed.


princessdominique said...

Sounds like a blast, I know you'll have fun and I am still learning and growing where wines are concerned, so, let me know if you find anything good, I'm making a list. Have fun and may 44 more be added on top of that and many more!

LadyLee said...

Good for you, Chele... And why is it that each passing birthday is sweeter and better than the last? Well, it's that way for me. And it looks to be that way for you! And that's a good thing!

Serenity3-0 said...

I'd love to take a whole week off for my birthday. I think you had a great point in that now you are grateful for birthdays. I remember being freaked out at turning 30, yet I want to see as many birthdays as I can b/c I don't want to leave my kid.

Believer 1964 said...

Happy "almost" birthday! :D

I'll be celebrating 44 right along with you, although I'm first.

Congratulations on the opportunity to continue your education.

Yep, you're blessed!

Blu Jewel said...

I'm 10 days into my new year and at 41 I didn't think things would be the way they are, but they are. I'm blessed in a number of ways and always make time to speak on the good rather than the bad.

Reading your closing statement gave me hope that things can and will improve.

Happy Birthday to come.


nikki said...

all i know is that you're getting better with each birthday and it's truly inspiring to witness. happy birthday to you, chele. :)

Anonymous said...

This is the second time today I've been "told" stess is a killer. This I do know, but paid no mind to this morning when I was on a rampage.

I'm learning that I can and should choose how I should respond to situations.

TJ said...

What an awesome way to spend the birthday!!! Even better, NO STRESS! Love it!