Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Saturday

I saw Funny People on Friday night and I was laughing through tears less than a minute into it. It was a good movie. Long as hell but still very good. Not the typical "I'm-gonna-live-life-to-the- fullest-because-I'm-gonna-die-soon" movie. If you have a couple of hours to spare, I recommend it. I saw the movie alone because my man was working (as usual) and my daughter was at a sleep over and my son was otherwise occupied. I don't really have chicks in my life that I hang out with like that. I don't view going to the movies as a group activity anyway. It's not like you can talk during the movie. Except there was this trailer-parkish lady across the aisle who would spontaneously say things like, "What a p*ssy", and "F*ck!" and "Holy Sh*t!". I don't know if she had tourettes or what but it made for an interesting evening. See, and you thought only my people talked loudly to the screen.

When I came home from the movie I entered my home only to find that the temperature had reached 89 degrees. Ain't that great? Yeah, I've been having A/C issues for several months now. This time, the outside unit froze up so the guy disconnected it last night so it could thaw out. As promised, he came back this morning to see what is what. He's here now. Hopefully, in a few hours my house will be cool again. Whatever.

After a long restless night of sleeping in sauna-like conditions I got up this morning, drank a protein shake and carried my butt to the gym. I'm almost back in the swing. Still not back to lifting but I'm getting my cardio and ab workouts back to where they were before I got sick. It's amazing how a minor illness can just knock you out and make you not want to do anything. I wasn't even that sick. I think it really just knocked me out of my routine and once the consistency is gone, it is difficult to get it back. Oh well. It felt good to be in the gym this morning. Apparently, there was some "boot camp" type activities going on. I really admired the people that were participating. I couldn't do it. I had a trainer for a week and he nearly killed me so I believe it's best for me to work out on my own without some guy yelling at me to "do one more!" Besides, I got into that bikini on my own so I think I'm doing okay.

After I showered and shampooed and got relatively cute, I went to the grocery store. Oh joy! No surprises there. Afterward I was able to catch a nap and reclaim some of the sleep I missed out on because of last night's sauna. It feels pretty good in here now. After the nap I got my mind in gear and wrote the next review for Delicious!. Did I happen to mention how much I love doing these reviews. It'll be posted on Wednesday.

I'm just finishing preparing tonight's dinner. Smothered pork chops, rice, gravy and spinach. Shut up. All I had was a salad and that dang protein shake today. I'm entitled.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.


Bunny Brown said...

That dinner sounds gooder dan a mug!!!

Rose said...

Girl I want to cook the same menu.

Believer said...
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Anonymous said...

"Shut up."

You crack me up! :)

What are you smothering those pork chops with?