Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just A Rant from a Very Frustrated Woman

All this Arnold business is making me physically ill. It’s like each month I wonder who will be at the center of the next cheating scandal. It makes me weary.

For real.


Because I want to get married again. That’s right, I said it. I want to believe that I can have a happy, successful marriage with a man that doesn’t cheat. But my faith in faithful men is waning. Do they even exist? If so, tell me where so I can move there. I am so serious right now.

After my last relationship ended, my Pastor told me, “Michele, all men don’t cheat.” Hmph. I said to myself, “Well, they all cheat on me.” Then the devil got in my head and told me that it was my fault that I attract cheaters. There is something in me that attracts the kind of man that cheats.

Excuse my language (or don’t) but that is complete and utter bullshit. Men are going to do what men are going to do and it has absolutely nothing to do with the women that they are with. F*ckers.

Men suck.

Not really. But I am just so pissed off and frustrated right now. Yesterday, I came to the conclusion that ALL MEN CHEAT. And since I desire to be with a man does that mean that I have to suck it up and accept a cheating man? Is that what that means? Really? iCan’t. I just cannot. I really, really would rather be alone with my B.O.B (google it) than lie down with an unfaithful man.


After yesterday’s rant (to myself) I repented. I know that God is faithful and He is bringing love to me. I know He is. I asked God this morning why He couldn’t just bring the guy to me now. I was actually whining like a two-year old. God spoke to me loud and clear and said, “Because if I bring him to you now you wouldn’t trust him. You’d treat him unfairly and you’d run him off. You have got to learn how to trust. You have to believe that all men are not liars and cheaters. Be patient.”


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Anonymous said...

Hey Shelly,

Read your post. We're not all cheaters! Need to regain your trust.