Friday, July 22, 2011

Diet and Exercise

I did not run this morning. I had my running clothes laid out and my alarm set but when I woke up, my mind wasn't willing to do what my body wanted to. So I turned off the light and lay in bed for another hour. And that's okay. I find that when my mind and body are not on the same page the results are not what I want them to be. If I run when I don't want to, then the entire time I'm mad and wishing it was over. Conversely, when my mind is right -- it's all good. I'll do my two miles on Saturday and then 4.5 on Sunday.

I'm finding that I think twice about eating something since I know that I have to write it down. Not just because I'm writing it down for ya'll but just the act of writing it down makes me think twice. I can eat an entire sleeve of townhouse crackers at a sitting. But to write that down? **shudders** No sir. That's why I had six yesterday and wrote it down. I felt yucky having to write down that I ate hot wings yesterday. But it was only two. **shrugs** I'm not perfect and if I deprive myself too much than I will just grow resentful and on August 21st I will splurge like an addict. I'm really trying to improve my lifestyle, not just do this for a race. I'm going grocery shopping today and my menu for next week will be much better. Lots of fruits and veggies. Nothing fried. Hold the gravy. Mmmmmm gravy ...

What was I saying?

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