Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Answer

So, in the below post entitled "Revelations" I mentioned how my manager may need me to postpone my week off. My birthday week. I was disappointed at first but I didn't get excited, I gave it to God because He knows the desires of my heart.

Yesterday, my manager informed me that I was all clear to take off my birthday week.

I'm convinced that if I would have given him an attitude this would not have worked out in my favor. God is definitely doing a work in me.

Some might say He's doing a new thing in me.


12kyle said...

God is working FOR you! I think he's working me too. I got 2 job offers today. One was for a job that I didn't even apply for!

Btw...thanks for the comment on my blog. I agree with you totally!

TJ said...

Yay for having your birthday off! It's something how things work out when you give them to God.