Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I need some ideas for Christmas gifts.

The Prince wants cash.

The Princess wants a car.

And then there's my Mom and siblings ...

I don't think I've ever thought about Christmas this early before.

What is your Christmas shopping plan?


Single Ma said...

I only have 1 sibling that I buy for (others are half sibs from father) and he's like Prince - prefers cash.

My daughter is very much like Princess - wants a car but that's a dream deferred until she's ready for the legal and financial responsibility.

My mom has always been THE hardest to buy for, so I've stopped trying.

Instead of giving them things this year, I'm taking them all on a trip for an experience. We're going to the Biltmore and will spend the holiday weekend on the estate. So their Christmas gifts from me this year will be memories.

TJ said...

If I somehow find myself going down South for Christmas, I'll probably do a charitable contribution in everybody's name and call it a day. Otherwise, it's going to be about the one gift the kids really want and gift cards for everyone else.